why we offer aerial hog eradication.

Feral hogs are capable of doing massive amounts of damage to crops such as corn, soy beans, hay, wheat, etc. On average, they consume between 3-5% of their body weight per day, with the average feral hog weighing between 150 – 400 lbs. That equates to 4.5 – 20 lbs. of ‘food’ they consume daily.

ex.) One 250 lb. hog will consume approx. 2,700 – 4,500 lbs. of cropland and organic matter per year. One study, conducted by the agrilife extension service, estimates that texans lose close to $59 million per year to feral hog damage!

The greater majority of farmers and ranchers have two solutions to their hog problem; hunting and trapping. While both can be successful, hunting and trapping usually result in the removal of 3 – 10 hogs per week. At this rate, our feral hog population will only be maintained, not eliminated. Feral hogs are one of the smartest mammals in the u.s. and are capable of reproducing at an alarming rate. (every 3 months, 3 weeks, & 3 days.) With the onslaught of eradication efforts over the past 2 decades, feral hogs have learned to become nocturnal, making hunting and trapping an even bigger challenge.

source: feralhogs.tamu.edu

our solution.

HUNTEXAS Guide Service integrates the use of mil-spec AR-15′s & semi-automatic shotguns w/ the advantage of an aerial attack via helicopter. Enabling us to spot and eradicate an entire group of hogs within minutes. Unlike our competitors, we don’t stock our farms & ranches with pigs and we don’t ask you to travel hundreds of miles, days or weeks prior to your hunt for a ‘safety course’ you won’t remember! Our guides and pilots offer a common sense, easy to follow safety course 1 hour prior to your hunt. This is the safest and smartest way for all parties involved. In addition to the praise our clients give to our no-nonsense safety course approach, this course helps ensure everyone has a safe and fun experience!

Due to the extreme Texas heat, our helicopter hog hunting season runs February – May.


All texas residents much possess a ‘general texas hunting license’.
All non-residents must possess a ‘special 5 day hunting license’.
All passengers must participate in the mandatory safety course one hour prior to every hunt.
All passengers must be free of any felony conviction / any charge barring the possession of a firearm.
R-22 passengers must be under the mandatory 240lb. weight limit.
R-44 passengers must be under the mandatory 260lb. weight limit.


R-22 One Passenger Helicopter
2 hour hunt $1800
$600 / additional hour

R-44 Two Passenger Helicopter
2 hour hunt with 2 shooters $3200 or $1600 per passenger
$1000 / additional hour (or $500 per passenger)

All hunts include 2 hour flight, use of AR-15 or semi-automatic shotgun and one hour safety course.


• AR-15 ammo: $1 per round
• Shotgun shells: $1 per shell
• Lodging & meals: $150 per night per person